Drive It Pro’s Car Gallery

All of our drivers enjoy having the nicest rideshare rentals in all of Phoenix, Arizona.  If you’re a long term rideshare rental customer, we’ll upgrade you into the nicest cars we’ve got.  All of Drive It Pro’s long term customers enjoy having the best cars in all of town.  Take a look at some of the cars we have to offer below.

All the cars below are actual cars that are in our fleet and have customers in.  We focus on providing the nicest hybrid vehicles in town, and do everything we can to keep them in excellent shape.  You’ll see a mixture of Generation 3 Toyota Priuses, and Toyota Prius V’s down below.  If you’re a good driver, you’ll have a Prius V exactly like in the photos below.  Every one of our good customers who has been a rideshare rental customer of ours for a while is in one of these.  We reward good drivers by getting them into good cars.

If any of our cars have the slightest bit of dirt, dust, or grime on the interiors, we spend the extra money and get them detailed.  You’ll see below that there are 0 stains to be found in any of our rideshare rentals.  If you’re a rideshare driver, you’re serious about your money, and we’re serious about it too.