Frequently Asked Questions

Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale by now know that Drive It Pro has the best rideshare rental rates in town.  Here you can find our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.  If you still have questions, you’re more than welcome to send us a text at (602) 222-9619 or use our live chat at the bottom right of the screen.

Are Your Cars Already Approved for Uber/Lyft?

Before we even list our hybrid cars on the website, we have Uber and Lyft inspection teams come and approve our cars.  As soon as you rent them from us, you can turn your app on and start earning money through rideshare or food delivery.

How Long Can I Keep the Car?

Indefinitely!  You can keep the car for as long as you need it to earn money via rideshare.  You can pay either weekly or monthly towards your rental, and keep using it as long as you’d like!

How Much Does It Cost to Get Me in a Car Today?

Our weekly prices are only $325/week plus tax ($352.95), but we work with our customers as best we can.  With only $225 down today, we can get you in a vehicle and you can start earning cash today.  Check our availability by going through our Reservation process.

Can I Use the Car for Personal Reasons?

Absolutely!  When you rent a car from Drive It Pro, the car is yours to use for both rideshare, food delivery services, and whatever other personal reasons you need.

Can I Cancel Anytime?

Of course!  As soon as you’re done using our vehicle, you’re more than welcome to return it.

Do I Have to Provide My Own Insurance?

Our customers do have to carry state-mandated liability insurance, yes BUT we have found that our customers save money compared to other rideshare companies this way.  Our prices are lower at $325/week to compensate for this.  Liability only insurance can be cheap at $50-100 which far outweighs the money you save with our better rates.  Rideshare insurance is very expensive and makes rental prices high, which is why ours are so low.

How Does Maintenance on the Car Get Handled?

We handle all maintenance on all of our rental cars for our customers.  If something catastrophic happens, we’ll happily replace it with a vehicle to get you back on the road.  For everything else, like tires, oil change, and other things, you can bring the car to our garage, dedicated to keep Drive It Pro in well running vehicles.

The best service we offer our customers to save them time is that they can handle the maintenance themselves, and simply send us the bill and we’ll deduct it from your weekly price.

Can I Use the Car for Any Companies (DoorDash, Instacart, Uber Eats)?

Absolutely!  While you still have to be pre-approved prior, all of our cars can be used for food delivery services immediately.