As more places offer their menus on delivery platforms, the more we tend to use this to our advantage.  This has created more opportunities to earn a living and still be your own boss.  At Drive It Pro, we offer a program to rent car for food delivery drivers.  Because we all deserve to a chance to raise our profits and bring them home.  Our rental programs are simple, straight forward and allow you the freedom to drive for multiple platforms, and earn more money.

Rent a Car for Food Delivery Features From Drive It Pro

Drive It Pro - Rent Car for Food DeliveryThere are many advantages that hybrid rentals from Drive It Pro provide, that others do not.  For instance…

  • The vehicles we offer to rent our primarily Toyota Prius hybrids.  Because they are the most efficient to drive for delivery and rideshare drivers.
  • Our hybrids are already pre-qualified with multiple platforms.  Therefore, one less thing you need to be concerned about to be a delivery driver.
  • We do not limit your driving to only one platform.  You are welcome to deliver food, rideshare or both if you so choose.
  • You are able to use your rented hybrid for personal use.  Thereby, you can pick up your kids from school and do your shopping.  Although, the only one permitted to drive the vehicle is the one on the rental agreement.

How We Keep You On the Road

We are here for you to help keep you driving and making money.  That is why we have an on-site mechanic to provide repairs when needed.  As well as our own garage to maintain and repair our cars at Drive It Pro.  Because we understand the importance of keeping you on the road, and make it as convenient as possible to do so.

Reserving a Rental

Please click here to choose the hybrid vehicle you would like to reserve and when you would like it to start.  Our rental program is quite simple, and is not limited to only those with good credit.  In addition, you have the choice of choosing to pay on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Drive It Pro is here to open opportunities for delivery and rideshare drivers.  We provide Toyota Prius hybrids to keep more money in your pocket, by taking less to fill up the gas tank.