Return/Refund Policy

Renter is herein used to refer to individual who is going to lease the car.  Drive It Pro, LLC, herein referred to as Owner, owns all cars rented by Renter.

Any Renter may request a refund prior to picking the car up for any reason necessary.  As long as the Renter has not picked up car and driven it, a refund can be issued.  The refund will be made the same way the payment was made — so if Renter paid with a debit card, the refund will be to the same card.  Similarly, a Renter can request a refund for some rental days should issues spring up with the car.  If the issues are related to maintenance and are not caused by Renter negligence, a refund can be issued at the Owner’s discretion for days in which the car is inoperable.  If Renter fails to notify Owner of the defects in a timely manner, these days may be limited.

Refund Policy – Current Renters

If you are a current Renter and encounter maintenance issues, Owner will credit you for the amount of days that you were without the car.  This will be given in the form of a discount towards your normal weekly rental amount.  Owner reserves the right to credit for less days than the Renter is without a car if the Renter is negligent or fails to notify Owner about the issues as soon as they happen.